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Supervisory Skills

By Rona Conn at 2020-01-20 03:37:07
Success and growth of a company is determined by its productivity at a particular point, in relation to its goals and vision https://bestwritingservice.com/blog-writing.html. There are basic organizational factors, which urgently ought to be examined and reviewed when a company starts experiencing low levels of production. These factors include employees’ motivation, managerial strategies, goals and vision of the company, expertise needed to accomplish certain tasks and policy implementation strategies. Lack of proper analysis of these core values escalates into losses in an organization ground loss to competitors. The vice-president of an organization plays a crucial managerial role in the implementation of necessary policies and appropriate measures. He is responsible for devising effective business strategies for profit maximization by identifying challenges being experienced in various departments.
Toyota is a reputable company that I have a pleasure to head as a vice-president. It comprises of seven departments, each headed by a director. All these directors are answerable to me as the vice-president. The company is currently experiencing major challenges that affect the general productivity of the company as a whole. There are basic reforms and strategies, which should be employed in the company. These strategies will be a major boost to the success and growth of the organization. Firstly, I feel that there is a need to emphasize more on the goals and vision of the company with the board of directors. Toyota Company has a clear goal to expand its boundaries to international markets by establishing new branches in other countries in 5 years. For these goals to be realized, the company has to address challenges faced by each director in their departments. I will propose an annual performance meeting, where we will be evaluating performance of each department. These meetings will address the following issues.
Part of the work that they find challenging in their departments:
1. Work aspects that they find to be most satisfying and uncomfortable.
2. Whether all directors are proud of their position, they need additional resources to boost their performance and productivity.
3. I will also find out if the directors feel appreciated for the effort they put to ensure the growth of the company. I will come up with appropriate incentives to motivate the morale of my directors.
4. Exploration of the work and environment, which helps the directors to run their departments better, will be done.
5. Support from other departments will also be encouraged within the organization. When a department faces a challenge, support will be offered from other departments. For example, deployment of expertise from electrical department to assist in manufacturing whenever there is the urgency in service delivery.
Staff evaluation will be made to ensure they have the required skills to run respective departments. Certain changes are likely to be made. For instance, if I find out that a director is experienced in a particular field, as compared to his or her current area of responsibility, then he or she will be transferred to that particular field. The human resource department also needs to hire people who have the right skills and are passionate about their work. The best qualities expected from the directors will include:
I. Good communication skills and the ability to relate to the vision of the company. The decisions they make should relate to the goals of the company. Sharing the vision of the company with the staff members motivates them to work harder towards their achievement.
II. Commitment is an essential trait of any director. Directors are expected to show commitment by leading as examples and offering support to their members in the department.
III. A leader who is creative helps his or her staff members to navigate through critical situations by offering an appropriate guideline. Directors should be able to think quickly outside the box and weigh alternative options.
Brainstorming strategies to be implemented within my company will be prioritized. Directors and managers will be given a platform to share their views and opinions on certain crucial matters. They will then choose the best course of action to be undertaken, which promotes favorable working conditions. I will encourage both national and international conferences and seminars to be attended. It will expose my team to a variety of business ideas and skills required to achieve the company’s objectives. Internal training will also be arranged to help and facilitate in mentorship of the junior staff members for quality service delivery. An exhibition day will be fixed thrice a year, which will allow young innovators to come up with new ideas and showcase them to the rest of the world. There will be an annual appraisal day. It is an important day to all staff members’ work experience. The best performed department will be rewarded, and a party will be organized to recognize their efforts. Appraisal is important since it will motivate every department to work hard to be rewarded. This adopted strategy puts Toyota Company in a better position to spread its wings of success and reach great heights of performance excellence. The company is now ready to compete favorably with its rivals in the market. To ensure the set objectives are met, support teams from every department will be required to work with each other.

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